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I'm an interactive web developer/designer currently studying at Ulster University in Coleraine. If you have any question in regards to any of my projects or if you'd like to hire me as a freelance developer please head over to the contact section on my website.

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Ready to start a project? Great Please contact me on my email address or feel free to give me a call!

E: oskargru38@gmail.com
T: 07449025395


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Project Details

This is a web design and development project I have going on for an achritecture student from Macintosh University in Glasgow Soctland, I have full designed the website and I'm currently in the process of building it. Michael asked me to create something unique that's not an image gallery as most of the architecture website tend to only display images.

I accepted this task and went on to design something a bit more modern and different to most of the architectire websites out there. I decided to use a video hero with project button display to allow visitors to quickly navigate to Michaels projects. I used a video background as I think it will be the perfect showcase of Michael porfolio and it will help to retain users on the website.

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